Summer Half Term Revision 2019

Support for all Year 11 students

A Message to students

We believe that your Year 11 group has the potential to achieve outstanding results.  We also know what a difficult and stressful time Year 11 can be. The support we are offering here will run alongside the work going on in your lessons and will help to boost your performance this summer.

However, nothing will help you more than regular attendance at lessons where your teachers will increasingly focus on preparing you for the exams by doing exam practice and teaching you exam techniques.

All statistical evidence at a national, local and school level shows that where attendance is 95% or higher, students are more likely to achieve their targets.

Please remember that you will not achieve the results you hope for without putting in the extra time at home to revise. Buying revision guides will achieve very little if you do not actually read them!

A message to parents

You do not need anyone to remind you what an important year this is for your child. We want to work with you to ensure that your child achieves their very best. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your child’s progress. Year 11 is too important for you to wait and we do not have another Parents Evening to ask questions. For specific subject queries, please contact the relevant subject teacher or Director of Learning. Mr Porteous can answer any general questions regarding information for Year 11’s.

Important Information

  • Revision does not start the night before or a few days before the exams. Revision should start weeks before the exams and you should have planned out a timetable of what and when you are revising.
  • Year 11 Exams Timetable is on the School Website (School / Curriculum / Examinations) and also the Year 11 revision site
  • To receive regular updates about revision opportunities please follow us on Twitter @Year11revision and “like” us on Facebook search for Year 11 Revision News Feed.  Don’t use Twitter or Facebook then you can get updates via email by subscribing on the year 11 revision site.
  • Remember about the ‘Extra Revision Classes’ being run by Departments, which will help you revise etc for these exams.  These can be found on the Year 11 Revision website click on “ESP.”
  • Also, by attending these ‘Extra Revision Clinics’, you automatically earn points towards the various League Competitions being run in Year 11. Visit and click on Premier, Olympic or Champions to see how you are doing?
  • There are a number of useful revision videos sorted by subject available on YouTube the link can be found via

All of us at Wildern School wish you every success!!!